Saturday, 4 July 2020

May Be There Just Might Be a Way.

May be it wasn’t my best idea to try and make my members laugh. I think I did achieve part one of my mission I did make them laugh but not entirely sure if the second part worked. The second part was to help them recapture their want to lead a more healthier lifestyle, this isn’t always about the weight loss its about increasing a persons self belief and more importantly self confidence that they can really achieve their goals even when the going gets tough. I truly believe if we want to do something and believe we can we are half way there, now I totally get it that somethings aren’t possible a 5ft 2in person isn’t going to wake up 5ft 10in not matter how much she wants to and believe me I have wished for long enough, a deaf person can not suddenly wish them selves to hear or a depressed person pull themselves together it just isn’t that simple at all.
However we can all sometimes get caught up in a negative cycle in which we really can’t see an easy way out and can sometimes feel so over whelmed with everything that the most simple solution doesn’t enter our head.
I had such a lovely time at the virtual market and felt so good about myself that I thought it would be a great idea to really go the extra mile for my Slimming World Members that have continued their journey I had planned to talk about when the going gets tough, we have all been there we so want to lose some weight but we just continue to eat high fat sugary  food and perhaps have the odd too many alcoholic drinks. Then we just feel so annoyed and cross with ourselves, how stupid must we be to continue this cycle, the daft thing is we are our own worse enemy as this just leads us to comfort eat more, as per usual I am going well off point.
So how can I help motivate people, how can we get our want back find our way, last summer I remember a Consultant using the Village People and their hit song YMCA to do this, um I could do a little dance she thought. Oh maybe it would be funny to dress up too so off Amanda goes making sure she prepares for some fabulous thinking in group and some fun. Goodness I know I needed a laugh and so do most people now ,life is flipping hard out there, so all ready song lyrics down loaded costume sorted.
Let’s practice this dance then, I can certainly do it in my chair, umm I just happen to have forgotten my arms don’t actually move that well so let’s improvise then. This is how things spiral out of control if I am doing this why not make a little video to see if I can help encourage some members to come back to group too.
Well I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy being daft was I shy yep did I feel silly goodness yes , can I sing hell no but it was fun and I ran three Slimming World Sessions that I was proud of me and every member as after a good laugh and a bit of silliness everyone got down to some great deep thinking about how we can all make little changes to get us where we want to be. 
I even went to bed wondering if I should try and dance more as I do so miss it, well the short answer to that is definitely not, Thursday afternoon and Friday I haven’t been able to move my arms at all, I have had to kinda wedge my elbow against my knee then use the other hand to hold the wrist to use it like a lever to have a cuppa etc, oops and the shoulder blades have flipped out so much I keep knocking them on the wall. So maybe just maybe I did a bit too much but never mind, I can type today and they just ache a lot today they don’t hurt hurt well just a bit.
Do I regret it? nope I pushed myself and its made me release I got a hell of a lot more fun in me yet, I so want to hang on to what I have for as long as I can, its a scary world for us all out there and for me it absolutely terrifies me, the thought of surviving Covid as a neuromuscular patient is horrendous I am not ready for the rapid muscle loss that can happen I cant rebuild mine, I am not too happy at the thought of dying either ,not ready for that yet.
So for today and tomorrow and however long it is until I decide its safe for me to come out I will be staying here end of. My life is worth fighting for and I do deserve the best one I can grab and I am truly grateful to have the people behind the scenes that have helped me finally start to believe there may be  just a way we kind find a solution that might work for me in this crazy world.
More ramblings to come and I am going share my dance as I am so flipping proud I have done it.