Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The Power of A Hair Bobble.

This made me really smile the other night I thought it was so funny, maybe you just need my brain to appreciate it, anyway I went to sleep smiling on Saturday evening because who doesn’t like Kermit the frog. I am sure well I know I am not the only person whose sleep pattern has gone completely crazy I didn’t stay asleep long and woke up thinking about my hair.
How was I going to be able to put my hair up in a bobble my silly arms can’t move like that sitting down or standing up, I asked a couple of people whose reply was Clive will have to learn how to do it. Well I am sorry that really isn’t an option bless him he does most things I ask but I really would rather not go back to having my hair done like my mum used to do it. You must all related they pull the ponytail so tight they give you an instant face lift you cant even close your eyes the skin is pulled so tight oh and the headache. I am sure mum thought hair clips were actually mean’t to be embedded in your scalp too.
So I started to think very dangerous if you are Amanda, I have learn’t a lot of skills during lockdown and most of them I have learn’t from good old you tube, my you can waste so much time watching absolute rubbish. I remember my daughter saying about a disabled girl who could do her makeup so well and she did You Tube videos that were amazing, so I managed to find a young lady who had a tutorial HowTo Put your Hair Up With One Arm seriously you can learn anything. I watched and thought and watched again. Still not able to sleep I went onto Facebook big mistake normally I have been keeping my distance please just don’t get me started on the lack of sense in some people and the rubbish that people think it is OK to say. Ok I will stop I promise. So an event reminder came up about a Virtual Vegan Market I had clicked interested in months ago , yes I was going to go in real life was really looking forward to it.
I then thought well why not give it a go I have nothing to lose do I , and lets face it I have 0% catching Covid from a virtual market. So I snuggled back down at about 5 am to hatch my plan. I was determined not to be poor old me, if only I could go out like other people life isn’t fair etc etc. I did start thinking oh but I would have bought vegan brownies yes my brownie addiction is still going strong and maybe a little piece of chocolate cake and it would be rude to not try a cookie wouldn’t it.
I now have a plan I have all the ingredients for a chocolate cake. I like everyone else bought them at the start of Lockdown me being me worked out the syns for the small cake , it was over 50 for one so actually hadn’t made the cake. I thought you know what Amanda this Slimming World is taking over your life , your stressed ,your tired give yourself a break cut yourself some slack.
Sat straight back up to google my recipes for cookie and cheese cake yes I do have the ingredients yippee I planned to make my treats then pop them in little bags  for after the virtual market next job shower.
This is the most genius part of the whole situation I was so excited I new I had the skills to sort any damage after ,great plan, what to wear outfit sorted. I absolutely love being able to chose what I want to wear not what fits, everyone who has ever had a weight problem gets this, I have worked flipping hard during Lockdown on my own personal journey. I really am not ashamed to say that I have been attending a Virtual Group for me as a member and loving it, then I thought yep I had said I wanted a pound this week thats doable nothing was going to get in my way, I am 2 pound away from being spot on my Target, ping I suddenly didn’t want to do the baking after all. Sure treats are nice but it had taken me 4 weeks to lose 2.5 pounds that would easily go on with the amount of syns planned. I want my Target back so much more.
Now what to do with the spare time the market doesn’t start till 10.30 yep try and put my hair up, well I am not going to say it was easy, I certainly swore a flipping lot, I distinctively remember actually saying well its alright for her, at least her other arm is normal I have two stupid arms that can’t lift them selfs up on there own. I never like thinking those thoughts it really isn’t a competition who has more issues than the next, other peoples struggles don’t make mine any easier to cope with.
I actually managed to find a way to wedge one elbow on my drawers then lift the other arm with the first grab a bit of hair and use the wall to secure it. This was repeated until it was all in place, was ok until I saw the back yep it was pants.
But I am a stubborn bugger and it was not going to beat me so I kept trying and it was ok I thought. Do you know what if people disagree I don’t actually care.
So yep all ready I sat on my comfy chair Seabass on my knee at the virtual market, it was flipping amazing so many gorgeous jewellery stalls, ,my goodness the cake stalls too. There was even a lunch area which you could order vegan food for delivery. I had a great time I really did , I so enjoyed being able to get to the front of every stall look at what I wanted to see and take as long as I wanted. The best bit was that I wasn’t tempted to buy anything at all, I do know where to order from when I want too though.
I am going to do more stuff like this,it really has made me feel just a little bit more like me again.
The best bit too its my day to send my Consultant my results and its not the pound I wanted its 3 go me ,I am now back under Target feeling amazing this morning and planning my own groups for the week. Which are going to be Fabulous watch this space.


Sassa said...

Fantastic blog loved it your are a stubborn devil true scorpio.
Absolutely amazing result you did it go you..its really deserved.
Thankyou for all that you do. Love from your twin.xxxx

Amanda said...

Lots of love