Tuesday, 21 January 2020

National Acceptance Day

Today has been a typical Amanda day, I woke up in a very positive mood, thinking that it being National Acceptance Day I should start by accepting myself for who I am and being happy and confident about my own thoughts.

I sat in bed having a cup of tea thinking about what a profound blog I could write about how society doesn’t really accept disabilities etc posting a picture on Facebook thinking how I am going to change the world. National Acceptance Day is 20th January and yep today is the flipping 21st Jan that’s me late to the party I missed the day. This has nothing at all to do with Muscular Dystrophy it is just me being me. Today I don’t really care that’s just me.

I am starting to feel so much better I have realised that I worry far too much about what other people might think about me instead of just getting on with my life doing what is best for me. I have been struggling with such intense pain for a few months now and have been doing a lot of research and reading about my options.  One of my options is medicinal cannabis but I am totally against this, I appreciate it works for some people but it is defiantly not an option for me. I can not tolerate morphine and I am allergic to codeine, medication wise this leaves anti inflammatory medication which is not a good option either I need to look after my kidney function.

There is a lot of evidence that a plant based diet is beneficial for muscle inflammation as well  as the other health benefits, I have been considering trying this for some time. Lots of things have been stopping me the impact it might have on my family, not wanting to be awkward, thinking I couldn’t possibly live without eggs people might think I am going really strange. There is so much stereotypes about plant based diets.

However like most things in Amanda's world it has to get really uncomfortable before I consider changing, so I decided to give it a go, now is so the right time to do this as its Veganuary Vegan January , most of  the supermarkets have a plant based section at the moment. It is very early days in my little experiment as I am only day 8, however I definitely feel different. My pain is definitely less this my well be a placebo effect because I am so desperate for this to work, my muscles are so much more relaxed the tension and spasm is far less. The other surprising thing is my headaches have gone, I have had headaches on a daily basis for many years these went after 24 hours.

Me being me is really enjoying reading and researching all about the different ingredients I am using I eat a lot of vegetarian meals its only really the diary free and eggs that I eat a lot of.
I am extremely fortunate as I have a vegetarian/(vegan at times) daughter who is also interested in nutrition and cooking so she has pointed me in the right direction.

So far the most surprising thing is the milk I have never really liked milk but oat milk to me is just delicious and alpro soya yoghurt I love. I cooked tofu for the first time today and yes I thought it was really tasty, I appreciate I have been very bored with my food recently so experimenting with different food is always good. I have decided to go 100% plant biased for 6 weeks I am not vegan as I will still wear my leather boots etc I am doing this to the pain experiment. I really don’t understand why I feel the need to justify to others why I am doing this. Don’t get me wrong other people haven’t said a thing it is my own prejudices about people that I am dealing with.

Today I have been out with Seabass and friends in the fresh air and loved it, I want to go back to being grateful for what I have got a lovely family and some great friends and live in a very comfortable country. I so need to try and get out more maybe I should try Red February as I am far to late for Red January.

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Jackie said...

You are such an inspiration, you truly are! Xxx