Thursday, 10 October 2019

Count your blessings.

Well strange picture you might think. This is my armchair with a box on it. Why have I put a box on it, it's so I don't sit on it.

Today I am extremely tired not your normal tired an MD tired it's hard to explain it feels like there is concrete in your arms and legs it really does feel strange, the muscles burn and almost feel like they are going to pop, a little like when you have an abscess just before it bursts when the skin feels tight and so much pressure.
 I really don't get this bit but then they twitch a bit, can't get the flipping things to work when I want to then they twitch when I don't want them too.
I am kinda trying to listen to my body it doesn't do a bad job with the muscles it was given. So I finished my Slimming World Work and was planning to sit down in my chair and put my feet up.

I sat in the chair, pressed the button to elevate my feet and the motor sounded but nothing happened. Not sure if I did anything wrong but I tried again there was a real bang and something kinda fell underneath.
Now this is a problem if you can not get up from sitting to standing. I was stuck. I could try and get on the floor and bottom shuffle to the bed again and try that. However I am sore today and just couldn't cope with even the thought of trying. So I cried a bit first.
I was comfortable already in my Pj's nice and warm, so I rang my daughter who came on her way from work and rescued her mummy. It's handy having a strong daughter who can lift me no problem.
I know it was so much worse for Clive because he so wants to lift me but that would so undo all his surgery.
I am currently sat on my bed just trying to stay positive, no armchair no toilet.
Mediquip is coming to look at my chair tomorrow and I just hope I don't get oh this isn't our standard raise recline chair. I know, it's been 9 weeks without a toilet, at least my wheelchair is OK. I can still sit in it in the lounge but the wheelchair isn't as relaxing so I suppose if the worst comes to the worst will have to stay in bed. At least that's my favourite place.
I am also really pleased because I haven't turned to chocolate or cake yet.
I had a sleep and then watched a film am so trying to stay positive, I really don't like being so dependent on equipment but you know what I have no choice, I am also trying to ignore my tummy I am just to tired to have to go to the toilet, oops have no toilet I mean my little wheelchair adaptation.
I am going to try so much  that my next blog isn't going to be oops I eat the world again.

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