Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Progress not Perfection

Is it wrong that a 49 and 3/4 women should be so excited for seeing her name on a virtual balloon on Facebook. Well I am and it really made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside that my beautiful niece had taken the time to watch it and screen shot me.

This is all to raise awareness of LGMD which is the sub type of muscular dystrophy that I have been chosen to have.
I so wish I had done this blog this morning I was feeling very proud how well we have both coped between us.

It is one week post op for Clive and no I haven't had time to sit and blog but we are doing really well.

Please don't get me wrong we have had a huge amount of help from everywhere and even though it's very hard for us to ask we have and we are really great full.

I am so proud of me no tears yet, nearly had them today but didn't. I have been using my long handled poop scoop, works really well and even managed Seabass's walks. If I am really honest I have really enjoyed taking her for a walk. Ran over her toe yesterday because she was being a dafty but no harm done. I can't believe how tired I feel when we come in, her new harness is working a treat with me holding her. I dearnt attach her to the chair in case I get her tangled in my wheels again.

I have really enjoyed making Clive all his homemade soups, well I peel and chop the soup maker does the rest. Its really hard work though picking it up and washing it. I have my little routine though and I am doing just fine.

So glad I prepared so well before hand so I have lovely meals in the freezer all ready. Need to really watch though as now I am really really tired this is when I usually stop eating healthy, however knowing this will enable me to make sure I don't go that way.

Today we have been back to the hospital for a check up and the catheter out all went well, however I did notice how tired my arms are I couldn't open the toilet door no big deal but usually I can. Then I went for a little tootle to M & S for some cheese, Clive can now suck or melt cheese, I so nearly bought some yep you guessed Brownies but I didn't I bought mango instead. When I got to the till couldn't lift my arms to scan them, this didn't upset me in anyway but it does show me how tired my arms are.

Got home was just going to have a sneaky lay on the bed because yes I am tired and oops Seabass had done a wee. Seabass must have an enormous bladder that's all I can say.

Now this did make me nearly cry and wish I had bought chocolate Brownies. Lots of deep breaths and the bedding been washed. Just trying to dry it on the radiator.
Think as soon as its dry I will be in the bed, the spare set is currently being washed and dried for me. It's was clean bedding Seabass.
My other good friend just been round to put my bottom sheet on and coming back to do the duvet cover. I am truly blessed to have such lovely friends.

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