Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Not managing to even get on my lovely iPad much let alone have time to do any of my blog. Pleased to report however that things are plodding along nicely.

I did have another fall early hours of Friday morning I not sure how but I managed to fall forward into my wardrobe door and kinda slide down very slowly with my left eyebrow yet again taking most of the weight, no bruise or black eye.

The fall didn’t hurt at all but the getting up did, pushing up onto my knees really did hurt my arms big style.

Today has been a fabulous day, I have been to have carbon laser on my face again, Clive cannot help me do any transfers so today for the first time ever, I did my first side transfer from wheelchair onto the treatment couch. This involved elevating the chair to be at the same height as the couch and sliding across. It certainly wasn’t as easy to do as it is to type,the best thing about it was that I didn’t even get anxious about it, I kinda just thought I want this treatment so this is what I have to do,it wasn’t elegantly preformed but i did it.

We then went into Derby to see as you have probably guessed the knife angle,I must admit I am not normally moved by these things but I was today,there was a presence an aura around this awesome piece of art. It was extremely thought provoking,all these knives,all the damage done ,strange world we live in.
I nearly forgot, I wanted to continue my blog about how different I am feeling I didn’t once feel self conscious, I was happily moving around in my chair, elevating the chair so I could get a good picture,wait for this laughing and joking with an older gentleman when I was reversing about not wanting to fall down a pothole. This is so different to when I went with my camera a couple of months ago, I felt the whole world was looking at me. I will never know if they actually where or as I suspect it was me just being me.

I am really pleased too because I not only went passed the Brownie shop twice, I went into Thornton’s had a really good look at all the scrumptious chocolates and didn’t buy anything. I did buy  a couple of Christmas decorations as 10 weeks today is Christmas Eve yippee I am back,it officially Christmas planning time in Amanda’s world.

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