Wednesday, 24 July 2019

One More Sleep

One more sleep until we get the new car. Its been a funny day I have actually been feeling a little bit guilty about my manual wheelchair that I am excited to not be using it after tomorrow. I was so excited when I got the chair feel really quite cool in my sparkly green chair, don't get me wrong I love my power chair however I am not yet used to seeing myself in photos etc and again it's that self acceptance thing again.

Also today I have noticed things I can do in my manual chair that won't be able to do in my power chair. For example when we went out for breakfast we wanted to sit outside in the sunshine but there was a high step about a foot. We just tipped the chair and lifted me up actually not me my other half did. We certainly won't be able to do this as the chair is too heavy.
Funny how we notice these things.
Been feeling like I am disloyal to my trusted manual chair.

On a massive positive note I am able to arrange to go to the theatre and out for a meal with friends without needing a carer this is just amazing. It's exciting and frightening as I haven't been out on my own without partner or daughter in such a long time probably over 4 years so this is a huge thing.was so excited at first then little bits of anxiety start to creep in, think will have to break the challange into little chunks so don't feel overwhelmed, not going to stress and worry I can do this.

I am so looking forward to being able to go out tomorrow and go out in the new car. Not sure how I am going to feel about driving the power chair in and out of the car so for tonight I am going to try and be excited which I truly am and not stress.

I did order the Blogging for Dummies book and I will try not to read it  too much as have work in the morning. I am trying with this balance of life stuff.

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