Saturday, 27 July 2019

Well what am I doing?

Well what am I doing don't get me wrong I have had the most lovely day in the rain. I have been very self indulgent and have literally spent my whole day trying to do this blog stuff.

I haven't achieved that balance thing because instead of stopping when I was really proud with what I had done no the OCD Amanda had to just.....

Try and see how to make it easy for people to follow my blog.  Not that easy there is a difference between subscribe by e mail , this I think I have done but need to check. I will not know until I publish this post.

Follow my blog needs me to install another gadget, not sure about that. I have to remember though my second blog post all about me being bamboozled by gadgets, widgets and domain names. So should be proud of everything that I have learned so far.

Now the real me is thinking should I have waited to actually share any of this blog.  It really isn't up and running how I want it to be so I must remind myself progress not perfection.
 To protect my mental and physical health I need to go and have food. I do keep saying about my mental health because it really is important to stay mentally well just as it is to try and stay as physically well as we can.

Without mental well being we can't be physically well. On that note I hope this has worked if it hasn't it will have to wait until another day.

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