Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Running in the rain

First time out in the rain, well obviously not my first time ever out in the rain but my first time in my power chair. Loved it, these feelings are just plain awesome to be able to hurry up because the weather is grim is so strange.

For years whatever the weather I have had one speed, slow and incredibly painful just to get to and from the car. I hadn't realised my anxiety levels either. Just to get to the car was such an emotional ordeal, the fear of falling in the road, or of the draft of a car knocking me over. I used to worry about falling under a car and being really hurt.

Having absolutely no way of getting myself out of danger was just plain horrible. I had to put all my trust into my other half to help me across the road safely. To catch me if I stumbled which he mostly did, occasionally I would fall but luckily never too much damage occurred.

Tonight was so different I just put the chair on full speed off up the path across the road and into the car with a smile.
When we got back home it was a different matter. The wheels were wet so when I  tried to get in the back door the wheels were just spinning on the tiles. I couldn't get the traction to go over the door threshold. Quick push from other half and I am in. Need to get a large none slip mat to go on the tiles. It will not phase me as I have loved going out in the rain.
One content happy me. 

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