Monday, 29 July 2019

Dogs First Trip in Car

What's going on

Well the seat belt extender has arrived and the temperature has dropped a little so we are off.  Not sure if Seabass was sitting in the car like an excellent bull dog or she was just frightened to death. She doesn't really like the ramp but she was OK. Unlike me today, the wheels where slipping sideways not sure what I was doing but did get a bit frustrated.

When we arrived Seabass was a complete nightmare pulling but I was prepared I have attached her lead to my chair with a climbing clip so if she pulls too hard sorted. (She is really strong she can easily dislocate my shoulder so I have no choice but let her go.) Couldn't do this on the manual chair because she would have pulled out the chair. 
Once Seabass settled down we had a lovely walk round. It was great much more comfortable and feel so secure in my chair. Did feel like I might fall out but that was my fault for taking the speed bump too quick. Lesson learnt.  I am settling down but still am feeling a little self conscious having Seabass by my side actually makes me feel less self conscious. So all good.

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