Friday, 26 July 2019

Why do people stare

I am going to have to be quick today really am tired and need to get to bed after my meeting tonight. I am so nervous this will be the first time my work colleagues have seen me in my power chair. I really don't know what there reaction is going to be. Most people's is oh dear. This is strange to me I am the same me as 2 days ago that was struggling in my manual chair, grumpy and in pain as it really was too much to propel myself exhausting in fact. Or just pity looks as if my MD is far far worse today than yesterday. People really don't get that by me using the power chair to cross the road and roll up the ramp, zoom around asda that I still have energy to do stuff I want to do.
It's amazing shopping and it not making me feel physically sick because the muscles hurt too much its fantastic.

How people stared at me though some just stood mouth open have they never seen a younger woman in a power chair, or maybe it was my astounding beauty they where staring at. Not one person smiled a few tuts when I was trying to purchase things. I felt like I shouldn't be in the supermarket. Maybe it wasn't  the right place to take the chair for its first outing in a crowd.
Going to have to stop now as will be late for the meeting and I need to tell you about the eggs.

I am back and I must keep it quick the meeting was amazing my work colleagues never batted an eye. They just loved my new car and chair. It was me who had built it all up to be a problem because I felt uncomfortable embarrassed even they didn't.

At coffee time I was given a mug which actually said Trainee tractor driver. This made me laugh so much I even told them about the eggs. I had been to pick up the eggs whilst in asda and tried to get out of someone's way. I reversed back forgetting the power chair has more at the back of it than the manual chair and reversed straight into the egg stand. I squashed a few egg boxes but didn't look like I broke any.
 A couple of children where trying so hard not to laugh which actually made me laugh so we all laughed. I didn't hang around to actually check all the eggs there wasn't any on the floor and I am not yoking.

On that note to protect my own mental health and not to get to tired I am going to go to bed.

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