Monday, 16 September 2019

It's been a good day when your biggest problem was burning the muffins

Had a really good thought provoking couple of days. Yesterday was a strange day woke up really positive and determined that I got this I can do this. Clive was out and I needed the toilet so I thought let's try my brilliant idea. Please don't worry I will not go into too much details apart from I need to do some clever adjustments. It wasn't the easiest thing I have done, kinda blocked the toilet with the amount of paper, 6 flushes all good.
When I had completed the task felt horrible exhausted and tearful. It took an amazing 55minutes to have a 💩.
By the time Clive got home my brain had gone into overdrive with what ifs etc and he got tears I can't do this crap.
During the afternoon I was thinking but I can still do it might be hard work but would rather do it that way then rest bite care or career's coming in to do it.
Then later that day had a lovely chat with a lady I have only known 10 months but she is just so flipping fabulous and is so wise and good for me, we spoke about how I will find a way to speed up, little things I could do, and most importantly does it actually matter if at the end of the day I am late somewhere.
And I am now aloud to buy my favourite things Candles.
Today has been fabulous started with a meditation session which I know sounds daft but helps me, and my goodness was I a grateful bunny because Clive could lift me on and off the toilet 5mins much nicer and so much less humiliating than yesterday.
Put dad on car insurance ready to be my Jeeves whilst Clive can't drive and my beautiful daughter came to have her first drive and learn how to attach her mummy in the car. She was brilliant just as I knew she would be, our world is our oyster now. I feel shopping coming on with cake obviously.
We just had to go for coffee and cake to have a good girlie catch up.
Came home to make muffins for our adventures tomorrow and me being me had the oven on 220 why I have no idea so they a bit crispy, they are currently on the shed for the birds to eat but out of reach of Seabass.
Now off to bed to get beauty sleep ready for my trip out to Trentham Gardens.
Feeling very grateful for all I can still do and all our wonderful friends that are all offering help when Clive has his operation only 7 days till have to be a big brave girl.

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