Saturday, 21 September 2019

Out without a baby sitter.

I actually can't believe the week I have had it has been like one great big whirlwind. I literally haven't had two minutes to just sit and relax. I am not complaining but I am learning very slowly and very painfully that I really did ought to listen to my body and manage my fatigue. The problem I have with this is, if I do the important grown up stuff first I am tired I would never do the fun stuff. So my logic is do the fun stuff first then you kinda have to do the rest whether you are dead on your feet or not.

Tuesday was great went to Trentham Gardens again this time I got much better photos thanks to my little camera lesson. Don't try and run before you can walk Amanda hello its me. However I am being a very good pupil and trying it this way.
Really enjoyed it, still found it amazing being able to wheel where I wanted to go not being pushed around he he little joke there.
It also reminds me I have done nothing to raise the awareness of the disabled toilets being rather inadequate.

Wednesday and Thursday were the usual work day however Thursday night I went out with the girls. Flipping excited or what, you have to remember I haven't done anything like that in about 15 years. Clive or daughter would have had to come, as much as I love their company it was lovely to not feel like I needed a baby sitter.
The girls I went with might think otherwise as apparently I was just a little noisy and over excited. Oh well I had fun going on the tram out for a meal and then to the Theatre.
I did run over my poor friends toe.

We went to see On Your Feet all about Gloria Estefan it was just so flipping amazing. The singing the dancing. I must say that I could really relate to her post accident scenes and in my opinion which I know counts for nothing was done very well, kinda how I imagine someone might of felt.
It also made me realise just how hard she worked to get where so is today. Very thought provoking.

I have another book I am desperate to read but have to wait. Its Margaret's autobiography the women that founded Slimming World and is still Slimming World, I know if I start it will get annoyed because won't have enough time to read it.

The rest of the Week has been so full with both of us doing the final preparations for Clive going into hospital on Tuesday.
We have tried our best to have great plans in place but we are sure to have not thought of something. It is going to be a very interesting few months. Not sure how much time I am going to have for things like blogging we will see.
I am going to do my best to look after me the best I can so I can look after Clive. It feels really strange me being the career and not the cared for.

I will just finish on this I am very proud of myself as yesterday I was incredibly tired and hungry I so wanted to eat high sugar high fat food. I caught myself and remembered what would happen I might have continued the binge until after Clive's operation and then I would have undone all the hard work of the last 12 days.
I am again a Target member under target and am aiming to stay that way while Clive has his surgery.
I can't guarantee there will not be tears at some point.
I am going to try to make this my moto. Just for the record I haven't heard a thing about them fixing my toilet.

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