Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Should of bought shares in Tena Lady

I am going to try and not moan too much today. I am really tired but that's because I am still not looking after me properly.
I am not good at this listening to my body and resting.
Had a great day yesterday a trip to Chester Zoo with friends and cameras. Really enjoyed it tried my best not to get too frustrated because couldn't get the chair in the right position and then move body and focus the flipping camera. Love my camera but keep forgetting how to use it. Even forgot to take the lense cap off oops rookie error. It is harder than you think when your silly arms will  just not move where you want them too.
I did stay positive really enjoyed myself, would love a couple of weeks to just disappear into a really nice hotel with my camera and instruction book, no cooking no laundry no work. Like that's going to happen.
Feeling better as have 3 Slimming World Fabulous days under my belt I have planned, cooked all gorgeous nutritious food. I can honestly say I prefer it to the rubbish I was eating last week.
Has helped me prepare for this weeks Slimming World Groups understanding our triggers, so it was obviously meant to be my little detour away from Target.
I do have to have a little moan  they rang from the toilet company today to ask for the serial number of the toilet. They have decided after 5 weeks perhaps it's a good idea to order the part before they send two engineers out. I would love to say this isn't affecting my well being but then I would be just lying. All I can say is I should of bought shares in Tena Lady. The joys of being a disabled woman who has been weeks without a toilet.
I am trying my best to look at the positives in my life but it is difficult when your brain keeps forgetting your body can't do a lot these days and your bladder decides it's going to keep going into massive spasms which are extremely painful.
I am giving it the best chance by trying to look after it.
13 days till Clive's operation, lots to organise for this but I have my lists of things to do.

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