Saturday, 14 September 2019

The girl I wanted to be!

 Well today has been a really lovely day. I kinda half feel like I have managed to have a day being the person I was meant to be. Being all prepared cooking in my beautiful kitchen with all my recipes filed and indexed on my ipad.
It was nearly like this, except my recipes might have been kindly scanned for me this morning. 48 in about 30mins by Clive.
I seem to remember it took me about an hour and a half to do about 6. That is OK there are things I have got to accept I can't do very easily, so ask for help Amanda.

My day actually started with me having to get the ipad out because I couldn't for the life of me remember what I was supposed to be cooking. I was so pleased with myself on Thursday that I had scanned the recipes and done my shopping list on virtual Post it notes and emailed to myself. Little steps to paperless Amanda, after the shop yesterday Clive asked what I was making and I hadn't a clue.

Loved playing in my lovely kitchen haven't tried cooking in my car yet, I did it on my legs but was really careful. Did use the chair to peg out the washing and I remembered how excited I was the first time I was able to do it. I need to remember all I can do not what I can't then I am a happy girl.
 This is my achievement a hot chilli, chic pea and spinach curry, Kiri salad which is my new favourite.

Kiri Salad
For the record the scanned recipes are not all indexed I kinda got to try and work out how to do that, next little challenge.
A friend is going to try and help me with my camera which is fab news. Maybe I didn't hide my frustration as well as I thought. I am going try and except a little more help from people. I am not sure why I always have to do everything the hard way and on my own.
Hey would be nice if anyone would love to be a magic fairy with my ironing pile. I suppose that's what Sunday mornings are made for.
I am now off to play on my ipad and go to sleep in my freshly decorated bedroom and new bedding. Yes I know I am a spoilt girl.

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