Friday, 2 August 2019

Wheel spinning first week

 I cant believe its been a week since I have had the car. Been an absolutely fantastic week. I have learnt so many different things about myself and people in general.
One of the first things I realised, well had it pointed out by a very close friend that actually the power chair bothers me more than anyone else. People might well look but they could be looking at lots of things the chair my shoes my smile someone behind  me. Tell me I am not the only person who has waved to someone who was actually waving to the person behind me. I just feel the whole world is looking at me, does that make me a very self centred vain person I hope not. Most people are just getting on with their own business and maybe if I took the armour down and just be my smiling self people are mostly really kind and helpful. Funny that as that's my mission 'justbemyelf'

I had my first two sessions as a Slimming World Consultant changing from the manual chair to the power chair in front of my members this week. Wow is all I can say I thought long and hard about how nervous I had been on the Friday and made a conscious decision to go do group the best I can being upfront and honest about my lack of driving skills.

Loved every second I could move around the hall no effort. I could move talk and carry something all at the same time. I could wizz around like the mad women who lives trapped inside this body.

My members who are all just awesome where not fazed at all by my new chair.

 I can also open doors that pull towards me. I couldn't do that in the manual chair. I could use my energy on doing my job to the best of my ability and not on physically moving around.

The OCD needing to be in control part of me is difficult at the moment as we are having our kitchen redone. Don't get me wrong I am so grateful for the Housing Association to be doing this BUT I don't like dirt and mess. I am currently sat outside listening to all the old men planning their complaints when the kitchens go wrong. Maybe I am not doing too bad as we are busy planning and moving things around to make it as easy as possible. I so don't want to use it as an excuse to eat unhealthy either. I feel so much better and cope better when I eat well. So I have made a great start filling the freezer with my Slimming World favourites.
Baked oats and curry cakes. I have a plan.

I have actually been really physically tired last few days but then think of all the things we have done and I am really not surprised. I am hoping to find time to learn some more about blogging and hopefully not ramble on too much. I really want to write my weight loss story as Slimming World really does work for all of us.
The pizza picture is to remind ourselves it's all about balance. (sorry no pun I tented for us that have no balance). Nothing is band on Slimming World.
On that note I am going to stop rambling and get ready for camera club. Last time I tried in the power chair I just kinda knocked the praying mantis over oops.

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