Sunday, 1 September 2019

Who would have thought even tidying up is easier in a power chair.

What a day, not so sure yesterday was good planning. I had champagne breakfast, chicken fajitas, brownie and ice cream no I don't feel guilty it was all planned as part of some great celebrations, however I had not thought it through Clive was out for the day and the toilet still isn't fixed. I was a little concerned, however I didn't eat, my logic being if didn't stimulate the bowels with food would be OK. Pleased to say it worked, Clive home so no problems apart from I was just a bit hungry and not for healthy food, oops.

Another Fabulous thing I have released today, sorting out paper work etc is so much easier in the chair. I can't bend so normally have to sit on a chair to get anything out of the filing cabinet, then ask Clive to stand me up to move said paper work to another place.
Usually a lot of moaning tutting and just getting annoyed at each other takes place and yep tears of flustration from me.
Today sitting in my power chair I could move backwards and forwards get off the chair. It felt so great being able to tidy and sort out all my rubbish in my little cupboard stroke office all by myself. I can't remember the last time I felt in control of being able to do simple things for myself. Yes I am shattered but loved being able to do it.
Four massive bags of rubbish out feels so good, I am going to need help sorting my cook books but that's for another day.
I did have a few minutes looking at old photos, love this one of my very chilled out daughter. Not sure where those 20years have gone.
Really feeling positive, enjoying sorting out the clutter just hope we can sort the toilet in the next 23 days or I will be in a bit of a mess literally.


Sassa said...

Hope you mean 2-3 days cos yez you will be in a mess after 23...

Amanda said...

No I mean we only have 23 days until Clive has his operation, he can't lift me for at least 12 weeks. So how am I going to get of the toilet if they don't mend my raiser seat soon. Already been over 3 weeks. Determined not to get too anxious