Saturday, 31 August 2019

Yes yes definitely disabled friendly!!!!!

A full day in heels check me out. It my sound odd but I couldn't wait to get my slippers on.

Today has been the best day ever truly flipping amazing enjoyed every second and its not over yet. Loved getting ready for a champagne breakfast to celebrate my baby daughter's 22 birthday. I could wear whichever shoes I wanted no transfers to be done, so I chose my killer heals.
 Not once today have I felt anything other than me. By that I was Just my Elf literally.
We all so enjoyed our time together just relaxing. Then after we had another celebration to go to, we headed to the intu centre. Oh my oh my power chairs are amazing for shopping, now I can manoeuvre it like a pro. My goodness I didn't believe it when they said I would soon get the hang of it but I have. No more egg incidents for a few weeks. 
I can get round those little Nick nak shops oh it's gonna get expensive. I left Clive in COSTA while I nipped yep nipped round some clothes shops. I noticed today how many people just smiled back when I beamed at them. 

I then went out for lunch oh this girl can Party with the best of them, I chatted to a little girl all about Santa and how I am actually an Elf. So today so far has been just flipping amazing loved every second out and about in my power chair and my heels. 

So proud as a couple of days ago was so looking forward to being able to go on a 5k walk with Slimming World Members. I checked it was disabled friendly and was told a definite yes, all on nice paths suitable for wheelchair and pushchairs. 

Well I beg to differ first hurdle went up the hill to cross the road no drop kerb, had to go all the way back to car park and up the road.  When I crossed to the other side, the gate was locked. Everyone walked round not enough room for chair. I decided I got this went up the bank but now how to get down, a lovely couple came and helped, the man knew a bit about physics and angles and the best way to get down whilst he held the chair so we didn't all tip over in a big heap. 
The walk continued in this fashion for what felt like a hundred miles, it was getting darker and mum who is 81 and I were so far behind. It was getting dark and cold, my mum bless her went into that mummy mode you know when you kinda talk to the child that everything will be OK while not quite sure yourself. 

I was so relieved that by this time Clive was on his way to met us but unfortunately he went the wrong way. Friends hubby to the rescue came and so did a couple of ladies from Slimming World. We came in to a torch light finish. It did bring back an enormous amount of feelings from my childhood always last to finish anything and always me needing the search party. 

I have been determined not to let it get to me and it hasn't. I have been looking forward to today. 
Next year I will arrange a walk for my Members and it will be truly inclusive to all. 

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