Friday, 23 August 2019

2 Syn Blackforest Gateaux Dessert

 Today I am pleased to report has been a fabulous day, the sun is shining this really helps as my muscle pain is so much less.
The man from Mediequip actually came this morning to take photographs of my toilet raiser. (no phone call first)
I have made the decision to just leave it now and see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I do find it really difficult if I am not in control of things but life doesn't evolve around me and maybe I need to just wait patiently.

I did go to Kimberley to put up Slimming World posters in the shop windows. I am chuffed to say it all went well. It is an old town and the access to most of the shops was great. I managed to feel I was doing my bit, I could of done more if I hadn't decided to buy a flower in the first shop we went into. In my defence it is a lovely flower and I am hoping to be able to take some great pictures of it tomorrow.

I was pleased I couldn't get up the step into the cake shop, oh my goodness double layer chocolate brownies, cakes that just looked amazing, I would definitely have had to have a chat with myself about how much I want 3 pounds off. To be fair and honest brownie would have won. I am chuffed I have my amazing flower.

Another amazing thing today I wasn't at all embarrassed to be out and about in my power chair it already just feels part of me now. I can do so much more independently loving it.

The kitchen is finished just needs more cleaning and for me to decide where the best place to keep things is going to be. It's difficult trying to think which things are essential for me to be able to access easily to enable me to cook by myself.

I have had a little play in my little area and made the Blackforest pudding using quark chocolate options, fresh cherries and the new Slimming World Hi Fi Bar all for 2syns. I haven't tried cooking in my chair as I know for it to be successful I need to feel calm and relaxed which I don't today.

Seabass has a friend coming over this evening so will be a crazy house, we are having a BBQ, all food optimising.

Tomorrow I am hoping is going to be another fun packed day, I want to cook, go leafleting do some photography I just need more hours in my day.

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