Friday, 16 August 2019

It's a chocolate cake kinda day.

I could so just eat that right now if my poor little mouth didn't feel so sore. OK so root canal work at the end at the end of 2 extremely busy days was not the best idea I have ever had. Put it this way it feels like someone has literally hit me round the head with a baseball bat. On the positive side it doesn't look like I have had anything done at all, so vain old me is happy.

This morning has been one of those mornings where people drive you mad. I have tried really hard not to let self pity get in the way this week it doesn't do me any good and it's frankly very unattractive. The saga of my toilet continues and this is where I get so cross.

We have all this concern for political corrections can't say this do that etc. Human rights of criminals don't get me wrong I agree with human rights for all. The elderly and disabled do get a raw deal I think.

My situation could be worse but I do think in 2019 I should be able to use the toilet in my own home independently for as long as possible. When the time comes that I am unable to do so I will just have to accept it. However I can use the toilet with the aid of my Aerolet Toilet Raiser. It is a simple piece of equipment that basically lifts a toilet seat up to a height I can lower onto then lowers me onto the toilet. I am such a clever girl I can then we we or pooh pooh, the seat then raises up so I can kinda slip of the edge job down all by myself. It broke 8 days ago.

This simple piece of equipment costs over £4000 pounds and I really do appreciate that someone passed away and donated it to Medi Quip and it was just by chance I was allowed to have it.

This is where it all gets stupid Medi Quip can't mend it, it's a sealed unit the manufacturer need to come out which Medi Quip have requested, I rang today to check when this might be, as you can imagine it isn't nice to only be able to go to the toilet when your partner is home. It's not nice to be lifted on and off either. Or to have a house full of work men doing the kitchen and have to shout I am finished like a toddler on a potty. I have tried to be so adult and patient about this but I shouldn't have to feel like this. It's kinda pants excuse the pun to feel a nuisance because you need the toilet, to feel you are over reacting that somehow it's OK for us because I have MD so suddenly it's acceptable. That my other half should feel guilty for going out for a couple of hours incase I need the toilet. So I decided to chase things up however 3 hours of phone calls and e mails to be told Medi Quip need to contact them again they can't deal with me and for Medi Quip to tell me they have done their bit and they know what they are doing, the way it was said made me feel like so stop making a fuss.
In the mean time while these two organisations play a game of not wanting to back down, I am left with another weekend or god knows how long that I can't go to do my Buisness without the other half. I even rang to ask how much it would cost if we paid for them to come and have a look £500 plus vat to just come out for goodness sake I just googled and you can have an Aston Martin serviced for that.

This left me feeling so flustrated and hopeless this morning and out of control. What really concerns me is I am a professional women I am used to dealing with these agencies I have the skills to know how to flatter a medical receptionist to get them to help you. (sorry to the medical secretary who I know reads my blog), how would an elderly person feel or a person with learning difficulties, anxiety or interaction problems feel. I really do have an understanding now why sometimes people can become aggressive and very upset dealing with these things.

So I have decided to be kind to me and just been back to bed for 2hours feel a little better I am hoping that I am able to go to camera club as I have been looking forward to it all week. I was bought up if you can't go to school you can't do the nice things and this is one of the things I am having to flip on the head. If I don't rest I won't be able to do the nice stuff.
Last straw just was going to a have a jacket potato in microwave to give body what it needs not cake and the fuse has just blown.
Of to meditate now.

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