Thursday, 8 August 2019

When life gives you lemons... Smile and wave, smile and wave.

 Day 4 of the kitchen and I am determined whatever gets thrown at me I am going to stay calm I promise.
This is why I adore my role of a Slimming World Consultant both the groups I do are full of really special amazing people.
This crazy bunch are something else, this is us all kitted out ready for a day trip we are going on Sunday. We are off to see The Slimming World Golden Bus in Nottingham. I am sure its going be yes amazing just hope my umbrella arrives in time, or else I will be very wet. I have such an exciting few days ahead, its going to be tiring but fun.
I am so pleased we went to recharge our batteries at Trentham Gardens on Tuesday. 
Got home after work feeling so grateful, I have a washing fairy who magics the washing clean and dry while we have no washing machines. You always need your mum. 

 Just nipped to the toilet before I started my jobs and........ The toilet wouldn't work. Now just a little explanation my MD means I can not get from sitting down to standing up without being lifted or by being raised high in the air and kinda slipping of the chair onto my feet. I will do pictures one day.
This means I can't get out my wheelchair, off a chair, out a car and you guessed it off the toilet. So what I mean by my toilet is broken I mean the seat raiser will not raise. So until its mended I kinda got to go back to shouting I finished and wait for the other half to lift me off. This is challenging as you know what it kinda gets to me that at 49 and 3/4 I can't go alone at home and 2 other half deaf as a post, I am sure the street can hear every time I been to powder my nose. Note to self best not annoy him else I am stuffed.
Let's see how long it takes to sort it out, I am on the urgent list. Legs crossed time.

Other stuff going off which I will not bore you with,I have just been into the kitchen and it's full of flying ants.I kinda mean floor nearly black. Oh for MD what do I do while home alone shut the kitchen door, not much else I can do but telephone other half to warn him he needs bug spray.

I was feeling a bit smug and proud that I am still smiling,fully eaten healthy all day apart from missing lunch. Just had a tuna pasta bake out the freezer even popped on my Slimming World Facebook that I am going to  have strawberries. Just as I pressed enter,
Kinda hope it makes my spots bad as its tomorrow I go and see about my skin, as predicted skin looks best it has for ages. Think going stop waffling now and get some rest ready for my weekend adventures.

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Sassa said...

Waffle away... Its a great blog.

Sandra xxxx