Sunday, 25 August 2019

May be I am never going to be totally independent.

So very proud of little old me yesterday, was an awesome sunny day perfect for popping a few Slimming World Leaflets through doors. I have come to understand maybe I just have to accompany Clive so I can chat to people, look pretty and spread the Slimming World Love.

So many of the houses are like this around my Wednesday Group. My power chair has a range of 16 miles on the flat we had to stop after 400 leaflets my battery was on red, it was fully charged when we started but the hills drained it really quick.
I kinda understand now why Clive doesn't get many offers of help to do it.

I loved being able to pop to the shop for a diet Pepsi all by myself. Was smugly thinking I got this  no problem. The flipping diet Pepsi just happened to be on the top shelf of the fridge, no problem I will use my seat raiser, goodness it's slow but up I went right to the top and still couldn't reach it. Back down I went and had to ask but that's no problem. Off I zoom to the crisps my goodness when did they start making so many, a whole aisle for crisps. I haven't been down the crisp aisle and actually looked at them in years, it felt like when you are pregnant and you think I best get nappies and that's just another world too.

I then had a little wonder around and nipped in for a cuppa with my parents, my parents have lived in the same house since I was two years old. One thing I noticed was how hilly everywhere is. There is no wonder why I always struggled to walk when I was younger I was always at the back I could never keep up with my cousins. I always thought it  was because I was overweight as I child and obviously unfit I thought everyone's muscle stung when the walked up hill, it never occurred to me it wasn't normal for your legs to really hurt at night and your feet to feel like you have concrete in your boots. I should of been born in Norfolk.

The power of social media, I thought I had been extremely lucky that Medequip had been Friday, I had temporarily forgotten I shared my blog on Twitter and just happened to tag Medequip. The day I was really feeling sorry for myself. I did receive a reply too my complaint is being looked into. Now I feel a little bad as I didn't actually complain, strange though that they just happened to pop round though.

This is why I am so proud of me, on my way to bed last night, its not a long journey three steps from my chair to the door frame. Just 1 step with no support yep plop down I went. Goodness I go with such a thump thankfully head went backwards so the bump is in my hair, no blood no black eyes or broken teeth. I did kinda do the mini splits ouch is all I can say, at least Clive is strong and I am small as he has to lift me 100% I can't help at all. The bones don't half creak mine as well as Clives. Today I do feel like I got a bit of whiplash and back and shoulders like they have been well shuck up.

Only a few tears though no self pity we have changed our plans today. No leaflets been looked after and rested. Spent the morning playing with my camera. It is so relaxing and was great with my mobile tripod attached to the chair.
These are my two favourites from today.

I have done a little bit of kitchen tidying. Me being me have stuck labels on the lids of all my spices in my draw very OCD but very me, just opened the draw to take a picture because was so proud and all the labels have fallen off. Well I never is what I said, not. 
I shall leave the waffling here now so I can get ready to see my friends this lovely sunny Sunday. 

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