Monday, 12 August 2019

Oh the dust and clutter.

I am trying really hard today to stay my chirpy little self. I am tired think that's the problem and it's so very very dusty and messy. I know I sound like a spoilt little brat, my kitchen is coming along nicely. Not sure I really like the colour but it will definitely be better than the old one and hopefully be able to get around a little easier in the chair. I am loving the chair now slowly it is bothering me less and less.

I have had a fall today first during the kitchen stuff wasn't a good proper fall. Went head first towards all the tripods but managed to save self by wedging my head against wall. Had to stay like that until other half could pick me up. No blood bruises or broken tripods just sore shoulder.

 I forgot about no kitchen again when a bought a melon earlier but the sun came out so I could go and prepare it outside, two tomatoes on my plant have ripened I have actually managed to grow something. First time I have grown tomatoes, I did manage to grow a beautiful daughter once lol.

Just got my PJs on only 6.30 because feeling a bit low and sorry for self but... Yipee some lovely friends just called its a nice evening so gotta go and get dressed we off to Trent Lock. Will have to finish this later hopefully in a better mood.

Just had a lovely time Fresh air has done me good felt a bit odd when we arrived as didn't realise the rest of the camera club was going to be there. I did feel self conscious in the chair but something strange and very surprising is happening, I didn't feel a nuisance or a burden for being in it. We just decided I would walk well wheel with them as far as I could then go back and wait for them. I was totally cool with that however other half and a couple of ladies who just happen to be frightened of cows stayed with me.

No problems until we went for a drink, my coffee was too heavy for me to pick up, instead of asking for a different cup or straw like I always do. I suddenly couldn't was just like the old me thought everyone was watching and some how wasn't such a fun person to be out with. How flipping nutty am I, now am home realise its ridiculous to judge myself on the strength of my arms. I can't help how I feel at the time though.

I then got stuck on the grass, I kinda getting used to this wheel spinning life. Finished the evening looking at old photos on my really old I phone. Now am going to bed to think where we can go tomorrow. Need to get out this dust.

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