Saturday, 17 August 2019

Chairs and Gravel don't mix well.

Think I needed one of these today, I am determined to keep this positive. No news on the toilet situation nothing I can do until Monday as you obviously don't need to pooh or we at the weekend if you aren't fully able.

I had a great evening last night at photography club can't wait to process my pictures got some cracking ones. Woke up with a massive abscess on my gum but determined to go out and have a great day.

I have really surprised myself, we went to a new water sports centre locally which is lovely. However most of the ground is covered in thick gravel. The first time my wheels got stuck was ok soon back on the move after a little push.

Then I just happened to get properly stuck in deep gravel um, handy for me directly opposite the Reserve Royal Navy stand, 4 very athlete looking men standing watching me ,guess what, they did the real gentlemen thing literally turned their back on me. Says a lot about our so called Royal Navy ok Reserves but come on .

This made me feel better about humans a group of young men/ boys only in their early twenties came straight over. Literally picked up the car out of the gravel. Its amazing all the people that stare manage to look the other way. Of coarse I was pretty flustered as obviously I just wanted the world to swallow me up, what am I thinking wanting to go out to such places goodness haven't I realised yet I should stay safely indoors.

To be very fair to the staff once they noticed they couldn't of been more helpful. We drove the car up to the decking and went straight up the ramp so no more gravel.

Later on during the day it was amazing I decided the gravel incident was not going to spoil our day and to carry on. We did, it was fabulous being able to watch everyone wake boarding, its kinda water skiing on a snow board thing. I am fascinated watching how people can move their bodies mines never done that. I really do think the human body is just yep amazing.

When it came to leave my new confidence was fab, excuse me could you move your board, blank look, excuse me I would like to get through please, totally ignored yes they could hear me looked straight at me, very careful not to gain eye contact and again turned away. My other half came to see why I was taking so long, guess what they heard him straight away and moved still no eye contact with me.

 I think we need some serious education about people in wheelchairs are actually the same species as all humans.

Even though I am having just a little moan I am so pleased I haven't let it discourage or upset me. I do have a right to exist and go out and enjoy myself and I actually have a voice. (and even go to the toilet at a weekend).
 I have done my bit too and e mailed a lovely e mail with a link for matting that you can put on gravel for us wheelies to go on.

Tomorrow for the first time I am actually going delivering Slimming World Leaflets something I haven't been able to take part in before. A lot of Consultants hate this part of our role but I have always longed to be able to take part, I have always felt really guilty that I am unable to help and that I am not fully participating. So will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

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