Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Don't forget to put all 5 seat belts on

Today is being one of those days were whatever goes wrong I am somehow managing to keep smiling, feel like I am back a bit tonight. I must confess I have over synned and had two and half slices of the most amazing chocolate cake. I really really enjoyed it too. I will just go back to 5 to 15 tomorrow.

I woke up determined to try and have a good day, I decided to go see my mum n dad this morning, we had a fabulous Slimming World breakfast on the BBQ.

I helped my mum peg washing out forgetting her line spun around it's one of those whirl ones. She just ducked and laughed apparently my dad does that to her all the time. It was good to be able to carry the wash basket on my knee and actually help her. It's hard having to have your 81 year old parents still do the caring for me. But today I just feel grateful that I still have them. I didn't even feel guilty as while I was having fun in the sun Clive was posting another 500 leaflets.

When I went out in the car Clive and I were too busy yapping about a knitting pattern that we forgot to put the front belts on the power chair, I have done my first wheelie whilst in the back of the car. Then on the way back I put the wrong seat belt on, I did wonder why it was so tight and far to low. Then trust us tonight on our way home from friends we forgot to put the back belts on. So today we have managed to get all 5 safety belts wrong that's commitment to try and tip the chair up.

Clive keeps having to go outside as our electric keeps tripping.

But you know what all is good because they are coming to mend the toilet raiser on Thursday. All because of my tweet suddenly I have the direct numbers to people and it's been referred to someone at the Health Authority Complaints. I am so pleased in a selfish way it's being sorted.

Even the three mishaps I have had today haven't even made me cry, I will so appreciate being able to use the toilet again on my own.

Love feeling I can do this again.

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