Thursday, 15 August 2019

Why oh why do we do things.

The past 2 days have been a mixture of very high feelings and tiredness and pain.
I wasn't going to blogg today because I am as predicted really shattered. Root canal surgery is not pleasant and that's all that can be said. Apart from I have been a very brave sausage and my nose now feels like it has been bopped by a baseball bat.

My Slimming World Groups this week have been awesome we have been celebrating our Women of The Year 2019, I have sat and listened to some amazing stories of how ladies have really turned their lives around. With the help of group they are all living a healthier, happier more active life and a lot Slimmer 17stone lighter between the 3 of them.

When I read this poem before the dentist I didn't read it properly and thought it was absolutely awful. For some reason I went back to re read it and read it from bottom to the top. One very clever poem and just shows how we can take words in differently when we are tired or not giving them our full attention.

This then gets me to the reason I am blogging tonight, why do we do things we do. I know from a Slimming World Food Optimising view my danger areas are tired, not eating properly and discomfort. Now I type it I kinda get what happened. Obviously sore mouth, very very tired and hadn't eaten till after the dentist. So was really hungry, couldn't eat before because of nausea.
So had a lovely food optimising tea then just sat and nibbled away two dishes of granola, I don't even really like granola I was sat eating it thinking will it help me no, will it make my mouth better no, will it make me less tired no, will I regret it later yes. Oh well but I will eat it anyway. Why do we do it. I just can't answer that.
I just need to make sure I keep myself busy hence the blog post.
It is really really hard when your body is saying enough women you do remember I have MD I can't keep doing all this. I really have put it through the mill in the last 48hrs but tomorrow is a new day. Friday and I am hoping for a bit of a rest over the weekend. I need my energy for when the kitchen is complete.

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