Saturday, 3 August 2019

Let's take photos of a donut they said!!

 Today has been another day of firsts for me. I am not sure where this confidence is coming from but I am going to take it and run excuse the pun.
Went shopping again today but it felt Worlds apart from last week. I think I am finally getting this reversing down the ramp bit, which is kinda useful as I really don't want to fall off. Went around Tesco with a massive smile on my face enjoying going where I wanted being able to carry things and still manoeuvre the chair. I even braved the eggs no incidents this week. I don't think anyone was even looking at me today.

We bumped into someone I haven't seen in a while(not literally) and I was genuinely excited to tell her all about my new toys and obviously point out my sandals with a heal in case she hadn't noticed. It's a big deal for me to be able to wear whatever shoes I like as I no longer need to do transfers from my chair to the car. When I first had the manual chair I kinda didn't think the shoes through and bought a pair of high heels to go to a wedding, forgetting I had to get in and out of the car so had to take the shoes off to be able to do it and of coarse it was raining and I spent the day with sopping wet feet and mud on the hem of my white trousers bottoms. Felt very classy.
I have already kinda bought another 4 pairs  of shoes and a pair of boots all with heels obviously.

I have also had the courage to contact a skin specialist because even though I love everything to do with Christmas I really don't like my Rudolph nose that insists on making an appearance when I am stressed hot or cold so basically all the time. The new me also thinks 49 3/4 is just too old for acne. I didn't even get anxious I just thought I want to go so have you disabled access. The answer was yes so first time for me at a Beauticians. Starting to get a bit worried as this is well out of my comfort zone. Think I might need an additional income soon.

Seabass and I went on our first unsupervised d walk this evening too, she was such a good girl walking next to the chair. This is something I knew I needed to do as in a few weeks my partner will not be able to do it, I have been kinda putting it off but today I went for it. I was a little anxious in case she did a poop 💩, I had my bag ready but not sure how I would have managed to pick it up, without face planting my self in it. I feel a google for long handled poop scoops coming up.

The photo of the bolt, shank and dome nut well, I thought we were taking pictures of donuts I was very excited I love food photography and donuts. No Amanda they said dome nuts, that's the small round one I am very pleased with my attempt of a picture but would of preferred the real thing ie cake.


Clive said...

Women and donuts lol

Anonymous said...

Proud of you walking Seabass