Monday, 5 August 2019

Food Optimising with no kitchen

I really am proud of myself today, up at 7am and straight in the shower. Finished emptying the kitchen ready for the workers to come and rip it out.
Only hic up was I dropped the tea bags could of been worse could have been leaf tea.
Seabass hasn't liked the noise today she has been sat on my knee while I have been trying to do some work. All old kitchen out, am a proud owner of outside tap I will be able to water my plants from my chair.
 We only have a little hand sink in bathroom but we will manage. Our fridge is in the hallway and cooker and washing machine are outside.
I am determined to stick to Food Optimising but been so hungry today. The dinning table is now our kitchen area.
 Slimming World quiche and salad for lunch and chic pea curry n rice for dinner. Love my genius idea paper plate on top of my normal plate. Less washing up.
Been working on my weight loss page so going leave blogging tonight don't want to just gabble on. Need pj's and rest 12hours is too long for me to be this busy. I don't want it to end in tears as they will be mine.

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Sassa said...

Ewww remember it well