Sunday, 18 August 2019

Slimming World Leaflets A Whole New Challenge

This morning was just plain fabulous I loved getting up putting on my bright orange T Shirt to go and be part of the leaflet delivering community. All across the country today will be Slimming World Consultants and their families popping leaflets through doors. Each one of us have had there lives changed in so many ways by Slimming World and for most of us it all started with one of these landing on our doormat. So yes we do all care and we regularly pound the streets in all weather to do as we say "Spread the Slimming World Love". 

This was my first time being able to go, my power chair again enables me to do things I previously couldn't do. Seabass and myself where off, Clive my other half had warned me that I still might struggle but me being me was having none of it. Alright then smarty pants I was going to rapidly slow the process down a lot.

First small issue it's Sunday most people are home that's why we are encouraged to leaflet on a Sunday, so where do most people park their car on their drive. Well that's the issue there isn't enough room to get me past the car to the door.
Second small problem most have a little step up to the door some have big steps to the door, kind of a little problem with wheels. I have a whole post about steps.

There was an occasional door with no car no steps and the flipping letter boxes where on the floor. These should be banned poor posties. We decided I would carry the leaflets and look supper pretty while Clive delivered then.

I did enjoy my morning out in the fresh air talking to people, Seabass had a great time and has been sleeping since.

The other thing I noticed I have noticed this before but this morning was very apparent, how many cars park on the pavement so you can't get passed. Which means a person with a walking frame or just a walking stick can't or a young parent with a buggy. This links with the drop kerbs most of them park on the dropped kerb so I can't get down onto the road to get past their car.

Why don't they ever match drop kerbs up either, by this I mean so they are directly opposite each other, there is probably a reason but I don't know why.

I really enjoyed being able to participate I won't go every time, we have another 5600 to deliver and I am incredibly tired but I did it.

The rest of my day has been playing with my camera and having the usual sulks because other people did better pictures than me. This has nothing to do with the power chair just me being me.
I was pleased with my efforts until I saw the others, don't compare yourself to others Amanda

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