Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Away with the Fairies

 I really need to find more hours in my day. I need to find out how to edit this blog with the photos etc to make it look more professional. I am trying to remember progress not perfection.

Today has been the most exciting so far with the new car and the power chair. I can't remember the last time in my life I was this full of excitement and enthusiasm for just being in this world. Sounds a bit slushy, and I suppose it is, I have been dreading this time for 18years, I have tantrums, cryed, got very drunk, shouted and a mean screamed and shouted just because I didn't want to be in a wheelchair let alone a power chair. Now I am, and it's just so liberating. I need to pop these feelings here just in case someone in my situation reads it and it just might help them realise it isn't giving into the flipping disease, its living really living.

We have been to Trentham Gardens many times before, I have always loved it there. Each time I have relaxed and enjoyed being pushed around. Today though I have felt free, like a caged nutter suddenly realised. Seabass clipped to my chair so she was safe, we were off.

First stop a coffee, then I could actually go to the toilet myself. I cannot believe at 49 I am excited because I could confidently open a toilet door that pulled towards me and use the room without needing help. How I achieve this is for a latter blog somethings are personal.

Then next amazing thing, I was able to take Seabass for a drink of water, pick up the empty bowl and move holding Seabass and the bowl to go and ask an assistant for fresh water. These are all little things but they were just impossible 2 weeks ago. I needed both arms to self propel, I couldn't attach Seabass to my manual chair because if she ran, well I would just be flirted out my chair and splat.

We did get in just a little bit of a pickle, while I decided to take a couple of photos of the amazing fairies  Seabass managed to get herself tangled in the railings and I couldn't bend to help her but you know what a kind couple came to help. I wasn't embarrassed, shy or anything I just thanked them and we were on our way.
I actually loved being able to go places just to see what was there, without having to decide if it was going to be worth the energy it took to do it. We even went up a hill just because we could, I had just a slight panic as the ground was damp my wheels did spin and a little stream of mud flew through the air. I did chuckle as I always wanted to be a racing driver and it did also cross my mind, trust me to get stuck on top of a hill where everyone can see me in full view but I didn't get stuck so no panic.

The next pickle I got into was when I tried a different toilet, the door was just too heavy for me to pull open. This time a little old man came to help me, he struggled with the door being heavy too, maybe I should let them know the door is  too heavy for a disabled toilet. When I do maybe I should also mention that even though their disabled facilities are awesome they really could do with a Changing places toilet. I will put it on my to do list. Instead of me just moaning may be just may be I should say something that might improve things for others.

There are so many other things I want to do when we visit again, there are accessible picnic tables so I have to go again and take a picnic. I came across so many quite little corners in the garden that I want to go back to.
The next step is to be able to take my camera and tripod and Seabass, I am being patient and letting both Seabass and I get used to things first.

Today with my best smile I have spoken to so many people as just me, don't think any of them noticed me in the chair. They all noticed just how cute Seabass is I know I am biased though but she is mega  cute. I made a little boys day because he loved bull dogs and we kept bumping into him, he even came to tell me he had been stung by a wasp and didn't cry.

Been thinking this evening if I didn't have Muscular Dystrophy would I have appreciated these little but to me amazing things. I don't think so, who would be thankful that they can go for a pee on their own at 49. I truly do and I am going to bed tired and happy. Planning our next trip and picnic of coarse.

I really need to think of words other than amazing and fabulous.


Clive said...

Yes we had a great day,and Seabass a well as you was a star.

Eileen Smith said...

Amazing, loved the little boy episode.

Unknown said...

Well done you, and in your words FLIPPING AMAZINGL

Unknown said...

Sorry the comment above was me Caryn Foster, i wouldnt make a blogger as i can't hit the right keys.

Amanda said...

Thank you. I am really loving doing it.

Amanda said...

He was so cute bless him

Amanda said...

We did, please take me back for a picnic

Beryl Harris said...

Love reading your stories! They do make me smile. You're a real inspiration. X