Sunday, 11 August 2019

Where there's a will there's a way!!!

We Did It
Well what an amazing day I have had let lose all on my own, well not quite on my own been with lots of other people too. The day kinda started ok woke up so excited for the Golden Bus apparantly I am not the only person to be excited so I am not entirely unique. I did get a little moody as I am kinda finding it difficult living in all the mess and disruption of no kitchen. Its not so much no kitchen thats hard its the fact no room anywhere at all. If anyone else tells me to try and make it fun like an adventure camping, I am going to bop them on the nose. Its hard enough to try to balance or get a chair around a tiny bungalow but you try and walk when you kinda have to side step around things. It is like running a marathon to get the milk out the fridge in the hall. Just a thought I don't like camping anyway. I haven't cried yet so still think I am doing ok.

We kinda didn't know where we were going but in my defence I can't see out of the car so techniqely not my fault we went up a bus lane. I was dropped off with no idea where I was or where this Trinity Square was. I was so determined not to get all silly and flustared out came google maps and off I went. In all fairness I think the other half was more flustered leaving me than I was, so funny though I only turned a corner and I could see the amazing Golden Bus. I got there.

I am not sure where this confidence is coming from and how long it will last but I am really enjoying it. I have spent the day chatting to all sorts of people about Slimming World and Food Optimising, being in my power chair hasn't bothered me one bit today at all. It was great because I have also spoke to some really lovely Slimming World members who has managed to achieve their Target weights whilst being in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. We all feel it has made such a difference to our confidence and comfort, I really do hope more disabled people realise it will work for them too.

Had a lovely surprise when these two came to visit, my parents married sixty years and still in love.

When I saw the size of the deckchair I was gutted, it might sound daft but I really wanted to get in, I do try not to think me me me all the time, being annoyed and thinking life isn't fair doesn't help me however seeing everyone getting in the chair laughing saying how am I going to get out blah blah did get to me. I really hope I didn't show it but inside I was kinda thinking I so wish didn't have this M|D. I do sometimes feel trapped inside my body, my brain wants to do things and I have to except I just can't. Or do I 
This crazy lot arrived these are my Slimming |World Thursday Morning Nuthall Nutters who just happen to have become really good friends. These ladies do just sum up everything Slimming World stands for they are a kind loving family that supports each other along their journey whatever life throws at them, and my goodness life has thrown some curve balls at them all.
I am so pleased that they where not having no for an answer, out came the bus ramp to get me  over the first hurdle the chair was on a platform.
I can get myself out the power chair I can't actually remember how they got me in I think they kinda threw me in. We did it and you know what they got me out no problem and it was actually very dignified didn't even hurt at all. It was great to feel part of things not just on the sidelines watching pretending I don't mind.
Watching the food demonstrations I got all excited I know not at all like me to go home and make the sunshine salad, I had it all planned in my head shops on way home drrr then I remembered I have no kitchen daft bat me.
I have had yet another amazing day, I really can't believe how flipping happy and excited I feel, each day is getting better and better. I haven't felt this optimistic about life since I graduated as a doctor flip me that's a long time ago nearly 30years. 
 It's hard to believe just how I felt a year ago I really didn't think life would ever get better, I am learning very late that asking people to help me do things and using the equipment available isn't giving in. Its living with a lot more freedom and less pain. I just need to be careful as I am aware if money was no object there is even more available.
I am defiantly going shut up know as I am going to finish today on the high it deserves and I thank everyone for helping me achieve what I have today, apparently we should be OK as its only Mon to Sat that the bus lanes are in use, time will tell.


Sassa said...

Privilege to have been a part of your day lived seeing your smile when you managed defeating the chair. Your amazing and such an inspiration.xxxx

Sassa said...


Sassa said...
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Amanda said...

Thank you for helping me. Really was an amazing day.

Jackie said...

Absolutely privileged to have helped with getting you in and out of that deck chair! We definitely weren’t taking no for an answer! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! And it was definitely team work that did it in the end! Your members adore you! I’m loving the new you Amanda! So positive and the joy on your face is such a joy to behold! Xxx

Amanda said...

Thank you. Its great to be enjoying life again. Everyday is just getting better and better xx